Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Macquarrie Corporation Pty Ltd is committed to meeting our customers’ expectations by the implementation of a proven Quality Management System.

This is achieved by:

•    Complying with statutory obligations, standards, specifications and codes of practice relevant to quality management.

•    Maintaining, monitoring, reviewing, auditing, and continually improving the Management System consistent with certification requirements of ISO 9001:2008

•    Providing sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the Quality Management System

•    Engaging suitably qualified, skilled, and experienced people and educating and training them to continually improve their skills and increase their awareness and

     knowledge of quality issues and practices

•    Identifying, reporting, investigating, and resolving all non-conformances and taking action to prevent recurrence

•    Establishing, reviewing, and communicating performance measures and taking action to improve outcomes

•    Monitoring the performance of suppliers and sub-contractors and implementing effective communication with them on quality and compliance issues.


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