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Our range of non-weatherproof panels provide high-quality and reliable engine monitoring.

Specially designed stainless steel enclosures provide mechanical protection and mounting options for indoor protected installations. With a range of panel options covering everything from basic engine protection panels, to the advanced irrigation control panels complete with engine run-down timer, you can be sure to find the right panel at the right price.

All panels in the NP-Range are supplied with a 3-metre wiring loom terminated with bare ends and gauge capillaries of the same length. Wiring schematics are also provided to assist in installation.

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09PNP12V01 and 09PNP24V01

Model #: 09PNP12V01 12VDC and 09PNP24V01 24VDC

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09PNP12V02 and 09PNP24V02

Model #: 09PNP12V02 12VDC and 09PNP24V02 24VDC

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09PNP12V04 and 09PNP24V04

Model #: 09PNP12V04 12VDC and 09PNP24V04 24VDC

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09PNP12V05 and 09PNP24V05

Model #: 09PNP12V05 12VDC and 09PNP24V05 24VDC

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09PNP12V11 and 09PNP24V11

Model #: 09PNP12V11 12VDC and 09PNP24V11 24VDC

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About Our range of Control Panel products monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more. Control systems for industrial operations monitor pressure, temperature, liquid level, overspeed, time and vibra­tion. They cover it all, from simple start/stop operations to sophisticated automation systems incorporatiing micro controllers and remote telemetry. Give us a call at our head office on 03 9358 5555 and press Option 1.  


About CHALWYN is a leading manufacturer of safety products for diesel engines which are required to operate either in hazardous areas where combustible gas, vapors or dust may exist, or in situations demanding special safety precautions.   Following the introduction of the original and very successful CHALWYN D VALVE in 1972, the CHALWYN diesel engine safety product range now includes automatic over speed air and fuel shut off valves, air pressure, oil pressure, manual and electrically operated air intake shut down (shut off) valves, flameproof alternators, and exhaust spark arrestors.   Give us a call at our head office on 03 9358 5555 and press Option 1.   Chalwyn is a division of AMOT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies, Inc (NYSE: ROP), a publicly traded company.


About Axiomatic provides electronic machine controls, components, and systems to the off-highway, military, power generation, material handling, industrial and alternate energy OEM markets. We provide efficient, innovative solutions that focus on adding value for our customers. An emphasis on service and partnership with our customers, suppliers, and employees builds long term relationships and mutual trust. Axiomatic is proud to be a qualified supplier to a number of major equipment manufacturers worldwide. Axiomatic focuses on its core competencies in controls engineering to reduce design costs, improve schedules, and develop an innovative product line. Give us a call at our head office on 03 9358 5555 and press Option 1.


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