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If flammable gas or vapour is drawn into the air intake of a diesel engine, it acts as an additional ungoverned fuel supply. This may result in uncontrolled engine overspeed followed by dangerous mechanical failure or flash back through the intake and the ignition of the surrounding gas or vapour cloud.

Once a flammable mixture is being drawn into the engine intake it may not be possible to stop the engine by closing down the fuel supply. For this reason an air intake valve must be fitted to ensure a guaranteed rapid and safe engine shutdown.

The Chawlyn shut down valves have metal to metal seals, different size options depending on power and physical size of the air intake and hazardous area options are available. 

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Pneumatic operated valves

Model #: Air Intake Valve - PVX, PVA

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The PVX & PVA slim line valves will either open or close on the application of air pressure. A position indicator is on the top of the valve to show whether the valve is open or closed.

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Diesel Engine Air Intake Closure Valves

Model #: Air Intake Valves - Various

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Simple cost effective automatic overspeed protection valves requiring no external power or signals. 

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About CHALWYN is a leading manufacturer of safety products for diesel engines which are required to operate either in hazardous areas where combustible gas, vapors or dust may exist, or in situations demanding special safety precautions.   Following the introduction of the original and very successful CHALWYN D VALVE in 1972, the CHALWYN diesel engine safety product range now includes automatic over speed air and fuel shut off valves, air pressure, oil pressure, manual and electrically operated air intake shut down (shut off) valves, flameproof alternators, and exhaust spark arrestors.   Give us a call at our head office on 03 9358 5555 and press Option 1.   Chalwyn is a division of AMOT, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Roper Technologies, Inc (NYSE: ROP), a publicly traded company.


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